Lyrics for ‘Survival’ by Paniki Hate Light

We can live about forty days without food,

Three days without a water, Eight minutes without an air
But only one second without hope
We can’t lose our hope

Even somebody pushed you to the ground

Stand straight, do not fear a crooked shadow

We live in a world where the weak gets eaten
once you lose the ability to fight

You’ll disappear

No one even the best will think of themself as the best
to became strong,
think that you’re the worst,
improve yourself!

Nobody stronger, nobody weaker
in a mad world only the mad are sane

Never bend your head, always hold it high

Look the world right in the eye

There is no shame,
there is no honor stand straight,
do not fucking fear

Never be bullied into silence

Never allow yourself to be made a victim
Accept no one’s define of your life Define your fucking self !

We live in a world where the weak gets eaten
Once you lose the ability to fight

You’ll disappear

We live in the world where the strength dominate
When you lose the kind of strength to survive..
You’ll disappear!

Facing a hopeless situation

Some choose to run other choose to give up FUCK!
We will stand straight and survive

In the end you’ll see who’s reach the top and get the throne

Video: Paniki Hate Light – Survival

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