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How to fix a locked Laptop and PC BIOS Password

Computer installation Tutorial-How to solve BIOS Password (Basic Input Output System) Laptop and PC (personal computer) locked. Sometimes the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) laptop or computer locked by a password makes us feel annoyed. The most feel of the inconvenience is during the installation of Windows, for example installation of Windows, installation Windows 8.1 Dllperform

ing Intalasi plans Windows if the BIOS is locked by a password then the process Intalasi plans Windows will never run. To solve this, we need to reset/reset the BIOS password. How do i re
set the BIOS password of a laptop or a PC (personal computer) that forgot passwords?

Maybe a buddy who does not yet know how to reset/reset the password in BIOS will wonder. For that, buddy do not worry yes, in this article will try to help a buddy in overcoming BIOS (Basic Input Output System) that is locked by a password.

How to fix a locked Laptop and PC BIOS Password

One way to solve the BIOS that locked passwords is to remove the BIOS password itself. How do I remove the BIOS list? Need to be previously, the BIOS Password is stored in the CMOS memory. A

ll the data stored in the CMOS/CCMOS memory is maintained by the battery of the CMOS. If the battery is CMOS/CCMOS detached then all data will be lost. All BIOS settings in the previous settings will revert to the default settings/factory s

ettings. Thus we need to uninstall the laptop or computer to release the CMOS BATTERY. It aims to keep all the data stored in the CMOS memory lost and return to the original settings.

But it does not mean the only way to uninstall a laptop or computer, but rather it can be solved by using software. Sofware that is used to solve the BIOS locked by the password also DAPA download for free.

The Software is called CMOS De-Animator with a small numbered file size of 206 KB. So it does not consume much memory space. In addition, there is another software to reset the BIOS password to the default PC CMOS Cleaner, the software can be downloaded with a file size of 59 MB.

How to solve BIOS Laptop and PC locked Password

Here are some tutorials how to reset the BIOS locked by a password. The friend lived choose the rarest which is considered easiest.

1. Reset Bios Password by removing CMOS BATTERY

The Bios that has been locked by a password is very easy to overcome to reset by releasing CMOS Battery. But how to do this step requires complete equipment, because it must uninstall the laptop case or comput

er. The following steps should be considered in releasing CMOS Battery.

  1. Empty the electric flow of the laptop/computer buddy, by unplugging the power cord from the power supply. 
  2. Open cassing PC computer or Lapop buddy carefully so that no component is broken.
  3. Find CMOS Battery located on the Motherboard laptop/PC pal. Common form of CMOS battery. Which is often used for laptops/computers is round as in the picture above.
  4. Disconnect the CMOS battery from your laptop/PC motherboard, and leave for approximately 5-10 minutes.
  5. Reattach the CMOS battery of the laptop/computer to the motherboard in the original place correctly.
  6. Reattach the cassing laptop/computer buddy neatly and correctly
  7. Electric power on a laptop/computer by plugging into the power supply
  8. Restart the laptop/computer to confirm if the Bios password is still there or it is missing.

2. Reset Bios Password by move the position of the CMOS JUMPER/BIOS Jumper

The second way is almost the same as the first way that should be by unpacking cassing laptop/computer. What distinguishes it is the step moving CMOS jumper does not have to remove battery. To find the position of the CMOS jumper is around the placement of the CMOS battery and usually marked with a mark that reads CCMOS or CRL CMOS, look at the image circled above.  The steps reset the BIOS password by moving the CMOS jumper are as follows:

  1. Empty the electric flow of the laptop/computer seperta on the FIRST WAY is one step, then remove cassing laptop/computer buddy.
  2. Find jumper CLR CMOS or CCMOS.  CMOS jumper Laptop/PC consists of two kinds of jumper with 2 pin and jumper with 3 pin. 
  3. If that type is 3 pin jumper, then the initial jumper position is on pin 1 and 2 while pin 3 is empty. Thus moved the position of the CCMOS jumper on pin 2 and 3 while pin 1 was cleared. 
  4. If the laptop/computer is using Jumper CCMOS type 2 pin, then Buddy must prepare the jumper himself to replace both pins.
  5. After that let stand for approximately 5-10 minutes for the BIOS password to disappear and get back to the initial setup.
  6. For the CCMOS Type 3 PIN jumper, move the jumper position to its original position.  For Jumper CCMOS type 2 PIN, remove the jumper from the PIN then plug it originally.
  7. Reattach the cassing correctly and plug the mains into the power supply 
  8. Lastly turn on the computer/laptop to ensure the presence of Bios password.

3. Reset Bios Password by using Sofware application

This third way is the easiest way because it needs to be bothered by unpacking cassing laptops or PC computers. There are two ways to use the application to reset BIOS password default settings. Namely by using CMOS De-Animator software and PC CMOS Cleaner.

CMOS De-Animator Software and PC CMOS Cleaner have different features. CMOS De-Animator has a very small file size and is lightweight and easy to use. But it can only be used for windows that can still be opened

/use. As for PC Software CMOS Cleaner can be used to reset the BIOS password on a computer that can not be run Windowit. How to use it must be bootable. By doing boorning first to CD/DVD-ROM or to Flash Disck with extention ISO file
Here are the steps how to Reset Bios using Software:

  1. How to Reset Bios Password with CMOS De-Animator Software

  • Previous Download CMOS De-Animator Software First
  • Run the application select Bytes to Operated With,
  • Then on the Action to perform menu select Clear CMOS and then click Procces.
  • Restart the laptop to make sure the BIOS password is lost.

  • How to Reset Bios Password with PC CMOS Cleaner software

    PC CMOS Cleaner Application Software can be run on Windows 32/64bit. Supported for all types of laptops or PCS such as: AMI, AWARD, Compaq, SEC,, IBM, Pnoenix, Samsung, Sony, Thinkpad, Toshiba and others.  Here are the steps to take to do to reset the Bios password using PC CMOS Cleaner software.

    • Download PC CMOS Cleaner ( in advance
    • Burning ISO software files to a CD-ROM, using the Help application eg ImgBurn or Nero Burning ROM program
    • Insert the CD into the CD/DVD-ROM, and restart the computer.
    • When setting the boot sequence of laptop/computer. Set the first boot sequence that first reads the CD/DVD-ROM (set the first boot of the CD)
    • If you have successfully entered the PC CMOS Cleaner, use it to reset, know or delete, the previous password.

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