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Free Graphic Design Software

Graphic design is one form of visual communication that uses images as a media delivery information. Nowadays, graphic design becomes an important necessity for the company.

For a beginner or a new graphic design, it’s good to know that graphic design itself is a science derived from design art that uses computer help for the manufacturing process.

This art includes visual skills including in it such as typography, illustration, image processing, and layout. People working in this field are called graphic designers.

In the graphic design world, there is a wide range of best and most popular design software that is suitable for beginners to professionals.

Best Graphic Design Software

With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, gave birth to a lot of graphic design software that can be used according to the needs. From simple to the most elaborate.

Each graphic design software has its own variety of functions and usability. Firgoos has compiled 6 graphic design software that you can use with ease.

What are you? Check out the following descriptions.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic design software at the moment. Although this software is specifically designed to manipulate objects or images and is commonly used by photographers to edit photos of their shots to make them look more appealing.

However, Adobe Photoshop is also very reliable for graphic design needs such as banner making, logo design, typography, and other design needs.

With the number of users who belong to many similar software, you can learn tutorials using this software through a design blog, YouTube videos, or buy special books Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners to professionals.

2. Gimp

For some people, GIMP is often referred to as an alternative to Photoshop. In addition to free, GIMP software is also open source, which is can be developed by anyone.

This software is considered as one of the best graphic design software because its features are complete and easy to use even for beginners.

The main advantage of GIMP is its bright and modern look. Obviously, this characteristic is perfect for young designers.

In addition, the quality of the graphics provided is very clear, so it is able to provide quality graphic design results.

3. Adobe Illustrator

If Freebuddies wants to create a vector design like sketch, typography or even more complex illustration designs for video needs, Adobe Illustrator is a great choice for working on it all.

With Adobe Illustrator, all your design work will be done faster. This design Software also comes with a plugin that is helpful once in making a Web page or landing page more interesting.

In the latest version, you’ll get features like Cretive Cloud, which you can use in the application on your desktop PC or MAC.

Also, another advantage of Illustrator is the availability of tools like Touch-type and The Free Transform that will make your design results more perfect.

However, only one shortage of this software is the price is quite expensive.

4. Inkscape

Inkscape is an alternative software that you can use to create vectors, and graphic designs that use SVG file formats. This design Software can also be used on Windows, Linux OS, and Mac.

Inkscape users are aimed at a professional graphic designer as well as for Freebuddies who just want to create vector drawings, sketches, color images, or design illustrations with ease.

Another advantage of this software is that it has a simple and easy-to-use interface for all users. This design Software is also open source which is still continuously developed.

However, Freebuddies also has to be patient when using Inkscape as it’s not so fast as Adobe’s software.

5. Coreldraw

For a web designer or graphic designer, CorelDraw is one of the most widely used, seamless vector design software.

Not without reason, this software has a cool function and ease that other software can not have.

With CorelDraw, you have complete control to make your design results faster and more dynamic. If you’re using CorelDraw version X5 or later, you get an inbuilt organizer feature (Corel CONNECT).

There are several tools in it such as Twirl, Smear, Repel and Attracti which makes the process of editing vector objects very easy. The Alignment guide allows you to position objects according to your needs.

This software works smoothly for large files in Corel Photo-Paint, arguably a must-have graphic design software.

Some of the advantages of CorelDraw

  • Nice customization of Interface view
  • Fresh Software Design
  • Available Video Tutorials
  • The existence of subscription packages or software licenses


  • Not yet available for MAC
  • Quite tricky for beginners
  • Software navigation is not easy
  • Navigation Menu not visible

6. Adobe InDesign

Powered by Adobe, InDesign is one of the flagship software in creating layouts for desktop and mobile. Adobe InDesign is ideal for using layout designs such as online magazines, brochures or digital magazines.

The flexibility of the software is pretty good, allowing you to drag and drop the layers and resize the image easily.

InDesign also supports services like Behance and Typekit for you to publish digital works in either photography, video, design and web development or apps.


  • Combining text and images is easy
  • Quite easy to use by beginners
  • Diverse and cool features


  • Limited enough for graphical Desian needs
  • Support Tools for less design
  • Adjustments for limited image editing

However, if Freebuddies wants to create more complex design details, it’s best to first create one in other software like Adobe Illustrator before setting the layout in InDesign.

That’s the 6 best graphic design software for beginners that you can try and learn. In addition, if Freebuddies already has a pretty good design capability,

Later you will earn extra income every time you get a project from a client (service user).

Firdaus Muqarrobin

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