Firgoos-Ngeprint But confused how do I cancel/stop the current print? Sometimes when a

ngeprint or printer printing does not run smoothly, even many queues are being stacked on a printer that keeps running. But do not worry, how to

cancel printing files/documents Word, Excel, PDF, photos etc. on a printer through Windows 7 or Windows 10 turns out very easy. Although canceling

a printer that has already run is very easy, but there are still some people who confuse how to cancel Documents/files Word, Excel, PDF, photos etc. that have been printed. In this

opportunity will help to provide the right solution for the problem that is happening to you when printing a file/document on the printer. Here's how

to unblock Printer printing through windows 7 or Windows 10 that you need to know. READ: How t

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Windows 10 1 Clic

k Start button → click on settings

2. Click Printers and scanners → select Active printer → click Open queue → Select the document you want to cancel → click document → cancel.

Through Windows 7

1. Click Start button → Click Device and Printers

2. Select the currently active printer click 2 times → Select the document you want to cancel → click document → cancel. Like the step in Windows 10. REA

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