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Computer installation Tutorial-Windows 8.1 is a refinement of the previous version of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 has better performance than previous versions, versions of Windows that were before it was less than perfect. Perhaps nowadays there are still many who are interested in using Windows 8.1 with more perfect performance. But still confused how to Instalnya because it has not gotten much information obtained.

This time the admin want to share info about Windows installation Procedure 8.1 intends to help give a little trick information install Windows 8.1. Okay we go straight to the point. Before starting the installation of Windows 8.1 in order to run properly must ensure the minimum specifications of your PC by clicking on START menu select RUN or by pressing the Windows keWndy + R on the keyboard simultaneously after the menu RUN appears then type DxDiag click OK/Press ENTER that's where your PC's specifications are displayed.

Specifications PC/LAPTOP required for the installation process of Windows 8.1

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster and has the Physical Address Extension (PAE) feature, the NX bit processor (NX), and the SIMD Extension 2 (SSE2) Streaming.
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit).
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit).
  • Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics with WDDM driver.

Here are the steps in the Windows installation 8.1:

  • Turn on the computer/laptop make sure the POST bios goes well and Normal.
  • Change first Boot to CD/DVD, but if from Flash Disk change Boot first to Flash Disk, this is required for first Boot to be done through Windows 8.1 DVD Installer or Flash Disk. (In step below).
  • When it scales the Laptop/computer login Setup Menu by pressing the Del key (on some computers/laptops other brands ESC, F1, F2, or F10).


  • Example Setup Utility display, this display varies according to the BIOS vendor used, look for the Boot tabBoot
  • Navigate first Boot So DVD, this display is also variegated depending on the BIOS used.


  • Exit, Saving Changes then Yes, and the computer/Laptop will immediately Restart and boot from the DVD.


  • Do not forget first input DVD Windows 8.1 Installer to Drive DVD, before restart.
  • Start the installation process of Windows 8.1 from a Windows DVD 8. Installer, press any key on the keyboard, for example, click Enter (The time is only 5 seconds, bila5 seconds no input keys from the keyboard, the process will not occur, must restart again)


  • In this step do nothing.


  • Next the selection of language installer still fill English (US).Windows 8.1
  • Time and curency format, select Indonesian, then click Next.
  • Click Install Now.

Windows 8.1

  • Select, type Windows 8.1 that we will install, then click Next.Bpilhtype
  • Click I accept the License terms, and then click Next.Bklikacep
  • Click "Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced)". This step will process Windows from scratch, so it will later be like new, and remove all the old systems.


  • After that go to the example image below, in this step it is important to set the partition that will be installed Windows 8.1 new. In the figure below is an example of a computer that has a new hard drive that has not been partitions. If in the picture below on the box is empty then, most likely the hard drive is damaged or the cable to the drive is not good or not installed perfectly. Select "Drive 0 unallocated space", then click New.


  • Write the large primary partition for the system we are going to use then click Apply.


  • Click, OK.
  • Click OKThe resulting partition has been created. Select Partition 2 Click Next.
  • After that the installation process runs automatically. Don't click anything, just leave it to restart by itself. Note: If using a DVD does not do anything, but if using a Flash disk after appearing like the following image (restart) The Flash disk MUST BE Unplugged.


  • After Restart, in this step do not click Anything, the reply clicked later start again like the step above. (If using a flash disk there is no image below, because it has been unplugged). Bbegin
  • Just leave it, don't click any!!! Wait a few moments until the Hardware installation process in Windows is complete, and will restart automatically, do not click anything.Bprssintlshdwr
  • After Restart starts the initial Settings page, choose the color of the desktop. Done by peer the cursor in the circle to the left or right according to the color we want in the menu Personalize and fill name for computer, then click Next.Bplhwrn
  • Click Use Express Settings.
  • Start the account setting process just let's not click the Cancel button.
  • Accounts on Windows 8.1 can use a Microsoft account (wage email address) or can use a local account. For Microsoft account and password can be directly filled in the column that has been provided then click. Next. For creating a local account click on Create a new account?
  • Then click "Sign in Without a Microsoft account"
  • Fill in the username, password, reenter password and password hint (reminder password) then click Next.
  • The end of the installation process, initiating Windows standard application settings wait until completion.
  • Initial START process, installation has succeeded and runs smoothly the image below is the Start Menu page of Windows 8.1. To enter the desktop image click on the Desktop screen.B1
  • Shut down/Shut down Windows 8.1 by pressing "Alt and F4" simultaneously on the keyboard, it will display the option, whether to shut down, restart or sleep mode, after selected press OK. OR through the Sidebar by hovering over the top right of the screen, wait until there appears some options, then click on "Settings" appears new menu, "Click Power" Please select an option, shut down, restart, sleep then click one of our options.
Well… Finally finished the installation process of Windows 8.1 and if needed should install also some major drivers needed such as: Graphics driver, Audio Driver, Network Driver (or other hardware drivers that are not yet installed. However on some brands computers/laptops, usually do not need the installation of drivers because it already covered drivers in the Windows installer 8.1. This Driver must be installed so that the Laptop or computer performance can run with max

imum. So the Tutorial information Windows installation 8.1 I give hopefully useful. Thank you for your visit do not forget to leave your comments in the comments box that has been provided, whether it is advice or criticism. And don't miss sharing for your beloved friends maybe there is a need for additional information. Greetings share.

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