Printer installation Tutorial on Windows 8.1

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Those who have never tried to install a printer also need additional information from various sources. This is so that the results of the installation goes perfectly as it is expected of course.

This time the admin want to share info about Printer installation procedure in Windows 8.1. Okay we just go straight to the point or to the point alone hehe,,, don't need any ADO that only takes a lot of time. Here are the steps to consider in the Printer installation in Windows 8.1:

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  1. The first step. Connect the printer's USB cable to the USB port of the PC, then turn on Printer. Normally, Windows will automatically detech the presence of new hardware and start the installation shortly after USB plugged in/printer i
    s turned on. If exit request Insert CD Driverthen installation step can follow the instructions in the printer manual that we will install. If you have followed the steps in this number 1 point and the printer has not been detected, you will need to manually install the printer. Stay calm will be admin explain step by step in detail as below.
  2. Step two. Turn on Printer and make sure it is connected to computer/laptop. Turn on the computer. Then click, Desktop icon/tile on the Start screen.
  3. Step three. Click, right Start button then click, Control Panel.B2
  4. Step four. Click, Hardware and Sound.C
  5. Step five. Click, Devices and Printers.D
  6. Step six. Click, Add a printer.E
  7. The seventh step. If The Printer does not appear on the ADD Printer page, click The printer that I want isn't listed.F
  8. Eighth step. Select the printer connection type (Add a local printer or network with manual setting). Then click Next.G
  9. The ninth step. Click, Use an existing port, and then click Next. H
  10. Tenth step. Select the appropriate printer type. (e.g. Printer HP Color Laser Jet 1600), click Next.I1 I2
  11. The eleventh step. In the type of printer that you have selected, click Next.A
  12. Twelfth step. Click, Do not share this printer, and then click Next.K
  13. Thirteenth step. Confirmation page that the printer has successfully installed well. Click Finish.L
  14. The fourteenth step. Printers that have finished in the install will appear on the Printers page.M
  15. The fifteenth. To check the printer function, right-click on the device printer and select Printer Properties.N
  16. The sixteenth. Click, Print Test Page, and the process of print test page is started immediately.O
  17. The last step. If the test print page has been properly printed, then the printer has been functioning normally and the installation process runs flawlessly. Click, Close to end the printer installation process.


Here is an example of Print Test Page on a piece of paper.

Okay enough until here first hopefully this article can help and at least add to your reference list. Thank you for your visit and don't forget to share this article with your friends who are needing information about the Printer installation procedure on Windows 8.1. Good luck try good luck. Don'

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