The right Monitor installation Tutorial

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Computer installation Tutorial-Installing a computer Monitor also needs the right way so it won't be a problem later on. Sometimes many people do not pay attention to the correct way of installing the monitor acc

ording to rules. This will impact unwholesome results in frequent problems. But the intention to install the monitor correctly but how to install the correct monitor is not yet known for sure.

This time the admin wants to share info about the monitor installation procedure. Okay right away don't need a stale with a lot of words that are just a waste of time that should be that time for the things that matter, when it is needed by readers only Inti-intinya only. Okay admins really appreciate the time of the readers. To the point onl

y. Things to keep in mind when installing Monito

rfor installation monitors There are a few things to note yaitu

1. Ensure compatibility. E
nsure that the monitor is compatible or in accordance with operating system and application program to be used. 

2. Check the card port type
. All VGA video cards are compatible with analog RGB/VGAport. However, there is a digital monitor with a Digital Video Interface (DVI) or HDMI input port that requires a VGA card and a suitable connecting cable to be able to connect to the computer. Various VGA card ports as below.
The Portcard

3. Read the User manual Monitor.
User Manual is useful to understand the monitor features that we will install. In addition, the manual is important to know what cables should be connected to the monitor. Usually the LCD monitor has two cables: the first power cable to connect to the power source, and another one to connect the monitor to the CPU.

4. Connect the cable and check the screen. In
general, the operating system of the computer will automatically install the required driverdrivers. However, if this is not the case, it can use the installation CD that has been provided in the monitor packaging. Example of mounting a VGA cable to the CPU as shown below.


Adjust the monitor angle and position against the u
ser. Once the monitor is fully lit, adjust the monitor angle with the position of the eye and the body to produce a maximum and comfortable view

. Maybe this step is many that do not ignore it. Wh
ereas adjusting the angle and position of the monitor against the users is an important step even very important to be aware of.  To keep your body health awake. Loh Kok until
health everything when this only discusses the installation of monitors? The answer is yes. It

also needs to be discussed because the monitor installation is related to your health. Why so? Well if the installation of the monitor is not perfect or by placing the angle of the wrong position then it will make the body uncomfortable and the body experiencing health
problems. Here is an example of ideal monitor distance setting to make the body health stay maximum.

Ideal position6

Adjust the monitor's brightness and cont
rast. Adjusting the brightness and contrast of the monitor is also required to fit the eyes of each computer user. Because each individual user has a different light sensitivity.

Thus the procedure of installation of the procedures may be useful for you, thank you for your visit do not forget to share with friends who sent the information.


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