Installation Tutorial Keyboard and Mouse correctly

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Computer Installation Tutorial-maybe you also need information about installing the keyboard and mouse. So this time the admin want to share info about the procedure of installing keyboard and mouse stuff times can help my readers or friends. Installing the mouse and keyboard also requires the correct procedure. If it does not follow the correct procedure as recommended then it will be wasted results

. Why would it be futile? Yes it may be because it does not get the maximum results as desired. Right so isn't it? Of course like that.

Installation Tutorial Keyboard and Mouse correct

ly here are the steps to be aware of in the installation of the keyboard and mouse:

  1. Shut down the computer first.
  2. Disconnect the power cord, modem, network or other cables connected to the CPU.
  3. Remove the old keyboard or mouse when plugged in.
  4. If we want to install a USB mouse, attach the mouse connector to the USB port oPaneln the CPU's back panel. Or if we want to install a Personal System/2 (PS/2) mouse, attach the mouse connector to the PS/2 mouse port onMouse the CPU's back panel.
  5. If we want to install a USB keyboard, attach the keyboard connector to the USB port oPaneln the CPU's back panel. Or if we want to install a Personal System/2 (PS/2) keyboard, attach the keyboard connector to the PS/2 keyboard port onPort the CPU's back panel.
  6. Plug in and reconnect all the cables that we loose to the CPU.
  7. Turn on the computer, check the installation results on Windows.
Then after the last step by testing the Mouse and Keyboard. Namely by moving the mouse in all directions and the mouse pointer should be able to follow the mouse movements well. The keyboard can be done by opening a notepad and typing in all the keys and numbers on the keyboard while holding down the Shift key. 
In addition to this, keyboard checks can use the help of Keyboard Tester software.
Keyboard Tester is a software tool that is used to check/analyze keys on the keyboard (laptop/PC) that have been damaged (own roads/squeet itself, or the button that is dead total) that can be found with Googling on the internet for free.

Keyboard Tester Installation Tutorial:

  • Open the Keyboard Tester app
  • Select the keyboard type
  • Keep Press one by one keyboard key
  • If the keyboard button is corrupted then the Application Status button will be red, if it is still working properly then the status will be green. Examples of Gamar look and result keyboard test as it is manned.

Okay enough until here first hopefully article "Installation Tutorial Keyboard and Mouse properly" this can be helpful for readers. Thank you for your visit and don't forget to share this article with your friends who are in need of information about the procedure of keyboard and mouse, how to check the broken keyboard button with keyboard tester, installation procedure of keyboard test

er. Leave comments yes that have additional tutorial about installing mouse and keyboard and how to check the dead keyboard. So it can also be used as a reference list si this admin. Warm. Greetings shar

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