Tutorial Installing the correct RAM

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Computer Installation Tutorial-this time the admin will share the Tutorial installation tricks RAM, this step should be considered well, there are two kinds of memory modules used on most PC

S. Namely double-sided memory card with 168 pin (dual inline memory module/DIMM) and one-sided memory card with 72 pin (Single Inline Memory Module/SIMM). As in the picture below.


Both DIMMS and SIMMS use the common connector side and the corresponding motherboard slot is called RAM socket. The RAM socket used for DIMM cards is called DIMM socket, while the one used for SIMM card is called SIMM socket. When each card

is inserted into the slot, both edges of the connector are connected with the golden footprint on the motherboard. Each gold line indicates one data path. A

s the gold line towards the CPU will run the processor bus, all these gold lines also runing the memory. The large path of memory bus data is used to move data between RAM

and CPU. Here are the steps to insta

ll RAM:

Step 1 First, decide which slots to use and install a SIMM or DIMM chip on it. Both SIMM and DIMM have keys, so they only have One Direction (installation). St

ep 2 Inser

t the DIMM modules directly into the slot. The SIMM module is inserted at a slope with an angle of 45 degr

ees. Step 3

The Memory module must be locked in place. For SIMM, turn from a sloped position to a vertical position. Usually there will be slight obstacles, but this is normal. Do not force. In case of difficulty, the chip may be revers

ed. Play and try again. When SIMM has vertical, small metal or plastic clamp should lock (SNAP) in place, hold the vertical position of SIMM on the memory slot. On DIMMS, simply close the lever on both sides. When the lever

is not closed, it is generally because the DIMM does not enter according to the slot direction or upside down. In most cases, if the DIMM has been inserted correctly, the lever locks into position without needing any other


Step 4 Repeat step 1 to step 3 for the other memory modules. Once you're done, make sure that each module is well positioned on the slot on both sides. So

the RAM installation tutorial may be useful. Thank you for your visit, don't forget to share it with your friends… Perhaps friends are in need.

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