Tips for easy How to check IMEI Android PHONE with code

1 min read general HP Android is a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. How to find/check HP IMEI number is actually very easy. In the page will review how to easily check the phone IMEI number/HP Android

Already know the IMEI sense? What is IME
I? International Mobile Equipment Identity or commonly called IMEI serves to identify the uniqueness of your phone. In addition, the phone IMEI number is used to check the authenticity of the official HP registered by the relevant service such as in Kemenperin (Ministry of Industry). Legality or authenticity of HP usually has been registered in the Ministry of Industry listed on the IMEI code of your Andr

oid phone. When IMEI phone is registered in Kemenperin (Ministry of Industry) so that your mobile phones are not included contraband or commonly referred to by the term BM (black

market) in general IMEI number consists of 14-16 digits. With the IMEI number listed on HP aims to make tracking easier. So it is easier to know the presence of mobile phone/HP via IMEI number. How

to read the writing format IMEI HP usually there are 4 parts are the following 11-222222-333333-4, which means the first part and the second part to determine the brand and model of your phone, and the third is specific to the particular handset type. In the fourth section to verify the authenticity of HP who has compliance with allocation guidelines and approval of the Kemenperin. READ A

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atchhow to easily check HP IMEI
Android The easiest Way to see the HP IMEI code is To use the code, maybe you will have trouble when the IMEI check through the Settings menu. Because each HP has a different settings menu to check the IMEI. Here is the code check IMEI android hp you need to try, just type the code * # 06 # as well as you make a phone call.

* # 06 #

After typing the last # sign, the IMEI code information will be visible from the screen of your Androi

d phone. How to check the phone IMEI Android through

menu settings IMEI HP other than using the code can be done via the Mobile setting menu. Check the HP IMEI through the Settings menu actually very easy. But each Android version has a different arrangement depending on your brand and model HP.

1. How to check the IMEI HP Sams
ung Galaxycheck the IMEI HP Android trial is to check the IMEI HP Samsung Galaxy An

droid version 9. Simple enough is as follows:

Settings → about phone

Click on the settings Menu then select About phone after that Samsung Galaxy HP IMEI code will be visible.

2. How to check the IMEI HP One
plusbesides check the HP IMEI Samsung Galaxy is an HP OnePlus. Check IMEI HP OnePlus is also very easy and simple as well as checking the IMEI on Samsung Galaxy Android version 9. H

ere’s how to check IMEI HP OnePlus.

Settings about phone Status


Click on Settings menu then about phone after that select Status, then the IMEI code of HP OnePlus will look like the image above.


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