How to check the IMEI and serial number of your Apple Watch

1 min read Apple Watch IMEI and serial number are the things you need to do. Especially when you’re planning to buy a used Apple Watch, the IMEI check is a safe tip for buying a used Apple Watch. By performing an Apple Watch IMEI check, you can confirm the Apple Watch’s authenticity condition.
So you’ll be spared from a pirated Apple Watch product or commonly called Apple Watch Black Market, that’s something to avoid.
How to check your IMEI and Apple Watch serial number
Check your Apple Watch IMEI is also as easy as check HP Android IMEI. How to check your Apple Watch IMEI is very simple, press the Digital Crown from the watch face to open the grid or the list of apps.
1. Press the Digital Crown button
2. In this menu, find and tap the “settings” application and then select the “General/General” option.
3. Tap the “About/about” option.
Then the next step is, scroll down and find the “serial number” and “IMEI” sections. The IMEI number is only available on Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) and higher.
If you’re unable to boot your Apple Watch, you can also find the serial number on the case. Usually the original Apple Watch will list the serial number on the case.
To find the serial number on Apple Watch Series 1 and above (including Nike + and Hermès models), remove the band part closest to the Digital Crown from your watch. You will find the serial number in the band slot.
If you’re using the first-generation Apple Watch, you’ll find the serial number in the back case, on the periphery of the black circle.
If you want to check your used Apple Watch authenticity, be sure to check the serial number on your Apple Watch case and from the Settings app. If the serial number doesn’t match, then someone might have replaced the case on your Apple Watch. Then you should leave because it includes the features of Apple Watch KW.
Check Your Apple Watch IMEI and serial number via iPhone
Check the Apple Watch serial number and IMEI can be done via the Watch app on Your paired iPhone.
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1. After launching the Watch app, tap on the “My Watch” tab. In this menu, go to the “General/General” section.
2. Next, tap the “About/about” option.
3. From this screen, look for the serial number or IMEI number.
If you can’t find the serial number from the options above (if you lost your Apple Watch), you’ll also find it in the Apple Watch box or on the original receipt.
If your Apple Watch is missing, you can track it by using the Find My app on your iPhone.

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