Surefire Solutions How to solve a broken Keyboard on a computer or Laptop

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Computer installation Tutorial-Surefire solutions How to solve a broken Keyboard on a computer or Laptop. Sometimes keybaord damage makes users feel confused and distracted. Moreover, in sudden circumstances suddenly suffered damage and did not work at all. It is very disappointing computer users.

For that sure computer users are experiencing the keyboard malfunction looking for a solution to solve it. Did you know how to easily solve your laptop or computer keyboard without spending any money? There
may still be some buddy who does not yet know the solution overcome to overcome the computer keyboard/laptop damaged. Do not worry in this article will discuss a super surefire solution to solve the broken Lapop/computer keyboar
d. However, in this article only to be helpful for Windows users. Why so? Because the software used to cope with the corrupted keyboard is the original product of WINDOWWS. The Software used to solve/replace the laptop/computer keyboard is corrupted is On-Screen Keyboard.
To use the software On-Screen Keyboard does not need to download or installation. Because the software is already available in the Windows menu, the way it is used is quite practical. So Windows users do not feel it is turned down by the software On-Screen Keyboard. 
But some Windows users are not many who use the software On-Screen Keyboard. Perhaps because it is not aware of the practical software to replace a hardware keyboard that has been corrupted.

How to activate software On-Screen Keyboard

How to activate the software On-Screen Keyboard is quite easy, simple and practical. Follow these steps how to enable On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 7 with practically.


Such a substitute solution to overcome the laptop keyboard or computer damaged with simple and practical hopefully can be useful for buddy.

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