Definition of Output device and Output device function

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The output device/output device is the computer hardware used to communicate the results of the data processing performed by the computer for the user. Some output devices include monitors, printers, speakers, projectors, plotter:
A. Monito
rcomputer is usually connected on a display device, also known as a monitor. The Monitor is shown in Figure 18. Monitors are usually available in different types, sizes, and characters. When buying a new computer, the monitor should usually be purchased separately. Monitor understanding the characteristics of a good monitor will help in determining the best monitor for a specific system. The following term has a close association with the monitor.

~ Pixels
Elemen pictures. The screen display consists of a pixel or a small dot. The Pixel is set in line through the screen. Each pixel contains three colors, namely red, green and Blue (RGB)

. ~ Dot Pitchsize How near Phosphorus point in the screen. The nicer the dot pitch then the quality of the display will be better. Most monitors now have only 0.25 dot pitch. Some have 0.22 dot tch which gives a good resolution. ~ Refresh

Ratetrating The screen display is refreshed. The Refresh rate is calculated in Hertz (Hz) means per second. The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the screen display will be. It seems to be like a still image when it actually always flashes each time the electron hits a dot/phosphorus plated point. The refresh rate is also called vertical frequency or vertical refresh r

ate. ~ Color
Depthnumber for different colors in each pixel can be displayed. It is measured in bits. The higher the depth, the more colors you can produce. ~ V

ideo RAM (VRAM
) memory owned by video card. The higher the VRAM in the video card, the more colors can be displayed. The video card also sends a refreshed signal to control the ref resh rate.

~ Resolution
varies Depending on the pixel number. The more pixels on the screen, the better the resolution. The higher the resolution means the sharper the image. The lowest screen resolution in a modern PC is a 640 x 480 pixel called Video Graphic Array (VGA). Now comes Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) and Extended Graphics Array (XGA) with resolutions reaching 1600 x 1200.

~ Screen Monitor is M
easured in inches. The most common sizes are 14 ", 15", 17 "19" and 21 ", calculated diagonally. Note that the actual visible size is smaller than the calculated size. This can be remembered when it will look for the monitor screen for the

computer. ~ Dis
play WarnaWarna was created with change light intensity from three basic colors. 24 and 32 bits are usually options for graphic artists and professional photographers. For other applications, the 16-bit color will suffice. Below is a summary of the commonly used color depth: ~ 256 color

s – 8-bit Warnao 65.5
36 Color – 16-bit color, also known as 65K or HiColoro 1
6 million color – 24-bit color, also known as True Colo
ro 4 billion colors – 32-bit color, also known as True C
olor. High-quality monitors and high-quality video cards are required to get high resolution and high refresh rate anyway.

B. Print

erPrinter is an output device that is used to produce prints from a computer into a paper form. The printer is connected to the computer via USB, in addition the printer must also be connected with an electric current. When you are first connected to a computer, we need to install the printer driver software in order for the printer to be recognized by the computer. The sharpness of the printer printout is measured by dpi or dot per inch, i.e., many points in one in

ch. The higher the DPI a printer, the sharper the print result. Broadly outline the types of printers as follows:
1. Dot Matrik, this type of printer uses ribbon-type inks like the one in the typewriter.
2. Inkjet, this type of printer uses liquid ink.
3. Laser printer printers type using powder ink or powder ink like gliter powder.

C. Spea

kerSpeaker is the hardware to reduce sound. Other types of speakers are headsets or earphones. We can listen to the output sound from the computer through the speakers.

D. Project

orinfocus or also called a projector is a tool used for presentations, which is connected to the computer to display what is on the monitor to a screen (screen) or wall.

E. Plot

terPlotter is a print-like printer but has a larger size as well as optimal usability for image objects. Source:

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