Kinds of computer cooling components

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Kinds of computer cooling components-a computer cooling system to regulate temperature and prevent overheat on the computer device. The computer cooling system has a wide range, there are fan, heatsink, liquid cooler, dry ice cooler and liquid nitrogen, TEC (Thermoelectric Coole

r). Here's an explanation of each type of computer cooling system:

  • Fan (Fan)
    It is the most common computer cooling system found, usually installed in casing, processor or VGA. The point also depends on the wind direction produced by the fan, there are for air circulation, some are directing the air to the processor or VGA so as not to heat. The shape, price and size of the fan also varies depending on the brand and function. We can use SpeedFan to know the performance of the fan and how much temperature is generated. Example of one of the SpeedFan images as below.


  • Heatsink
    HeatSink is a metal slab that serves to absorb heat and cool down computer devices and is usually joined by a fan, so the plot is a fan to drain the air into the HeatSink, and the HeatSink makes the air cooler when it is about computer devices. Example of one of the HeatSink images as shown below.


  • Liquid Cooler
    LIQUID Cooler will make the computer device integrated into 10% cooler so that the heat production can be overcome. With so many ages from computer devices will also be more durable. The advantages of liquid cooler are not noisy when used, even almost without sound. Example of one of Liquid Cooler images as below.

    The Liquitcool

  • Dry Ice Cooler and Liquid Nitrogen
    The system of use is, the computer device will directly come into contact with the copper tubes that will be filled with dry ice or dried iced or filled with liquid nitrogen. 

    Usually used for over clock so it can produce very cold temperature. The effect of over-clock is excessive heat in computer devices because it is forced to produce maximum capability. To avoid condensation darihasil cooling then the whole component will be coated paste and on the perimeter of the tube given heat insulator. Example of one of the Dry Ice Cooler and liquid Nitrogen images as below.

  • TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler)
    This coolant works by supplying the electric current to one side of the metal so it will create a cold and hot side. In this cooling system can make a cooler until it crosses the freezing point of water. Example of one of the TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) images as shown below.

    Quite up to here hopefully information on the types of computer cooling components can add insight. Thank you for your visit and don't forget to share it with your friends who are in need of information.


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