How to make Windows 10 Start Up Faster

2 min read to Start Up Windows 10 is not slow or Start Up Windows 10 faster when turning on a computer/laptop. When turning on a computer/laptop sometimes Windows 10 experiences delays so you have to wait about ten seconds before opening your startup program.

To solve Windows 10 slow when Start Up to load Windows 10 faster, smoother and without lemot. You need to set up Registry Editor without any additional applications. Overcoming Windows 10 at start up by editing Registry Editor doesn’t really require any special skills.

Since editing the Windows 10 Registry to start up faster, it only requires a simple way. But have to note the steps of setting Windows 10 start up carefully in order to function properly.

This Windows 10 Start Up in general does experience a ten-second delay after Windows starts. But before starting to load the startup application gives the operating system time to load it into memory and performs the required system tasks before the application starts requesting the resource.

Editing the Registry we talked about in this article decreases or disables startup delays so that Windows 10 is not lemot.  Editing this Windows 10 Registry means it applies to all startup applications. There is no way to apply this technique only to specific applications.

Eliminating startup delays can work well when your computer/laptop is using an SSD (solid-state drive) because the SSD can load a much faster progam/application. Nevertheless, if you only have a traditional hard drive, it’s worth trying out this step so that Windows 10 start up loads a bit faster.

How to make Windows 10 Start Up slow/Start Up Windows 10 faster
How to make Windows 10 startup load faster, you just have to do some editing in the Windows Registry.

Warning: Registry Editor is a built-in Windows application that can be used to manage the performance of a computer/laptop system. In the event of an error editing or deleting a resgitry can make your system unstable or even unoperable. Therefore you should pay attention to the steps on how to edit the Registry windows in order not to happen in your Windows 10.

Open Registry Editor by pressing the Windows key + R and type “regedit.” Or click the Search button then type “regedit.” Press Enter

Next the Registry Editor will open click YES to allow it to make changes on your PC.

In the Registry Editor, use the left sidebar to navigate to the following key or copy and paste it into the Registry Editor address bar:


If the Serialize key does not exist yet, then you must create a new key. Right-click on the parent (Explorer) button and select New > Key give it the name “Serialize.”

Then, right-click Serialize and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Name the new value StartupDelayInMSec after it will look like the picture below

Next, you’ll change that value. Double-click StartupDelayInMSec to set the new value and make sure the value is set to 0 in the “Value Data” box.

Click “OK” and then quit Registry Editor. For the changes to take effect, you must Restart your computer. You and other users should no longer experience any delays imposed on you by Windows.

If you want to return to the initial Registry, enter Registry Editor and delete the StartupDelayInMSec value by right-clicking and then clicking “Delete”

After it is deleted, then Windows 10 will return as it was with loading start up Windows 10 purple longer.

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