How to clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome

1 min read should I clear the browser cache and cookies?  The function of clearing cache and cookies in the browser is to fix loading or formatting problems in order to improve your browsing experience in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and so on.

But on this page will review how to clear the cache and cookies in Google Chrome. What are the benefits of cleaning/clearing the cache and the cokies? Let's find out the advantages and disadvantages of cache and cookies

removed. The advantages of clearing
Cache & Cookies When you visit a website, sometimes the browser will store (or remember) certain information. Cookies Store user browsing data (with their consent) and the cache helps Web pages load faster by remembering images, videos, and other parts of the webpage from the last visit instead of having to re-render everything with each visit. Disad

vantages of clearing Cache & Cook
ies When you clear your cache and cookies, all information stored will be deleted. That means that any password that you enter on the website must be re-entered and the open time of the previously visited site will take longer as it needs to reload the webpage content. Walapun s

o so, sometimes a new start is needed, especially when troubleshooting browser problems. How to c

lear Chromecache and cookies To cle
ar your cache and cookies in Google Chrome, you must access the settings menu in your browser. There are three different ways you can get here. The

first way is to window the settings in Chrome through the menu by clicking the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen, hovering over "other tools or More Tools," and then selecting "Clear browsing Data or Clear Browsing Data"

Once you have noticed from the picture above that there are shortcut keys that you can use. To go directly to the page to clear your cache and cookies, simultaneously press the Ctrl + Shift +

Delete key. Or, you can perform chrome settings via URL by entering chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the Address bar as shown below;

Whichever navigation method you choose, most importantly you are in the "Clear Browsing Data"

window. The first thing you'll do after clear browsing data is to choose a time span to clear cookies and caches. Click the arrow in the box next to the "time range or the English term Time Range" to expand the menu and then select the desired time range. This is set to "all time or ALL TIME" by default.

Next, check the box next to "cookies and other site Data" and "cached images and files." You can also delete your search history here. After the b

ox is checked, select the "Clear Data" button.

After a few moments, your cache and cookies will be deleted.

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