How to know easy and fast Ip Address Website[Studi Kasus]

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Ip Address is a unique combination of numbers that each device has to connect to the Internet network. It is said to be unique because each device has different Ip addresses.

To know the IP address of your device, can be read on the previous article that is about 3 easy ways to check IP address of PC, lapt

op and modem. In this article, we will try to discuss how to check the IP address of a website. Let's see the full explanation.

Check the Ip Address Website using CMD

The first way is to use CMD, you can use the Windows default application namely CMD to check the IP address of your website. Fir

st Open CMD (please search using the search box in the start or bottom notch) after you

open the application CMD, then type the following command "Ping" (remember, without using quotation marks).

 If you have typed the command as in the picture, please press the ENTER key. Wait a minute until the process finishes.

TARAAA, you have successfully obtained the IP address of your webs

ite. In this tutorial, I tried to know the IP address of Facebook. Well, now try to check the IP address of other websites, such as Instagram, indihome or other. From t

he experiments above, we can know that the IP address of Facebook is

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To check if it is correct or not, please copy paste the IP address and insert it into your browser's link bar.
ess is more like that's how to know IP static website. Besides CMD, there are still many other applications that you can use to know the Ip Address of a website

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