How to Edit photos with Photoshop actions

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Edit Photos with Photoshop actions

Interesting Info for those of you who like clay Nice pictures interested in learning Pengen but do not know how to make ngedit photos. Nih, kasi a little tutorial how to edit photos with a wah result using Photoshop action. With this P

hotoshop action makes it easy for you who are not proficient in photo editin

g. Here are a few steps in photo editing using Photoshop actions. How to Edit a

Photo with Action PhotoshopDownload t

he action file here or you can search for the file action as you wish here. Once you've downl

oaded the action, next open the Photoshop application and import the photo you want to edit. Click on

the Tab menu window, then select the action you've downloaded earlier. How to quickly use the ALT + F9Extract

button in advance of the action file you have downloaded. Next, please select the action you want to use. Customize it with the Photoshop version on your

device. Drag/Drag the Abstract. atn file into the Action Bar of Pho

toshop, then you create a new layer and name it brush or name to your liking. Choose

the foreground color color, by default black you can change it to a red color or other color. Then you select the B

rush Toolblock object of the p

hoto you want to save so it will not change abstract. If you have blocked all o

f you open the Action bar or press ALT + F9 then you select the action of the file you previously entered and then click on Icon Play and wait for the process to complete. If it is f

inished, then the result will be like this. Pretty

easy right? Without having to be proficient Photoshop you can already produce amazing work. READ

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ngratulations try and hopefully this article can help.

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