How to Download videos on Youtube

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Download videos on Youtube

Downloading videos on YouTube often people do when the quota is not enough, time Wifian already mepet while the film is still long. Then one of the ways you must save or download the video is to be watched at home offline.
Well, for you who still do not know how to download videos from YouTube, here give the tutorial. How easy is really kok.
This tutorial is almost the same tutorial how to download videos on Twitter in the previous article. Please read if you haven't read it.
How to download videos on YouTube

How to Download videos on Youtube without apps

Downloading videos on YouTube can be done without the help of the application. 
If you open YouTube in a Web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, you just add the SS code in front of YouTube text. 
For example like the following link,
If you want to download the video, just add the SS code in front of the letter Y and remove the www. The link display will be as below. Please try clicking
Wait a few moments until the menu for the download appears. If it has appeared, there will be several size options, please download the file you want.
When by adding the SS code does not run. Please visit the link
Then enter/Copy the link of the video you want to download on YouTube.
Pastap on the provided field, then click Download.
Wait a few moments until the download option appears like the way above.

For the record, there are some video files that you can not download from YouTube. 

How, Easy is it? Please try. READ A

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