How to delete Google Chrome search history

1 min read History or commonly referred to as browser search history as in Google Chrome from time to time is definitely getting more. For privacy reasons, deleting your search history, clear cache and cookies Google Chrome is a goo

d idea. In this article will review how to delete browsing history on Google Chrome easily. So you can help to maintain security on your computer or laptop. Almos

t on every open Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox to Safari and Microsoft Edge, it is certain that browsers will save your search history when browsing the Internet. Sometimes not everyone wants a history/search history on a saved browser. At other times, you may just want to clean things up and make it look more fresh again.

It may be best to delete your browsing history at least from time to time. It is necessary to keep the privacy better and not be embarrassed if others need to use your computer bri

efly. The easiest way to access your search/browsing history is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H in Windows or Command + Y on a Mac. In both browsers you can also click the three rows in the upper right corner and select "History > History" from the resulting menu.

Your search history from time to time may be very much and will remind your search history by date so that you can do the explanation again in time to see where you are. Clear Google Ch

romesearch History At The top of t
he history page there are two buttons. If you want to delete one or more sites, then you can select each one scheduled from the deletion by giving a checkmark like the picture designated number 1 and then click the "Delete" button.

If you want to delete everything quickly, click the button marked number 3 in the image above "clear browsing data…" And the other menu will appear as shown in the picture below. 

Here you now have the option of what you're deleting and how long it's your enlightenment history. You can select a time range of your choice to clear your browsing history from the last hour, day, week, or four weeks. Once

deleted, your browsing data will be deleted and all traces where you've ever been deleted. You will notice that the frequently visited sites will also be deleted on the New tab page as shown below.

Deleting your Google Chrome search history is a habit that you want to use periodically to maintain privacy. You don't have to delete everything but just delete a few things.

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