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Cover letter should be able to reflect your skills, along with the experience that is relevant to the job you want to take. But unfortunately, often the prospective employees do not show it right inside the cover letter.

Therefore, it is important for you to know how the cover letter is interesting by looking at the 6 cover letter examples below.

Sample cover letter for part-time worker or part-time

If you want to apply for a part-time job, you are advised to mention some important things in the cover letter. Because, this will ease the selection process, and surely your efforts will be appreciated by recruiters.

Example of part time worker cover letter

Sample cover letter for apprentice

There is not much difference between cover letter to apply for internship and full time job. However, you should still focus on the needs of the company for the interns.

Include some things that you can contribute to the company if you are accepted. The following is an example of an apprentice cover letter that can be a reference.

Sample cover letter for fresh graduate

As a new graduate, it’s generally not much work experience you have. Therefore, the cover letter you make should focus on your skills, and your knowledge surrounding the company you’re applying for.

If you have work experience during college, this can be more and more important to include as well. Here is an example cover letter for fresh graduate.

Example cover letter if you want to change work

If you plan to change jobs, then your experience in the previous workplace is not so relevant. Therefore, you are advised to declare your plot to change the job and what capabilities you offer for the company you’re applying for.

The following is an example of cover letter that can be a reference to your

Cover letter Example If you’re not working

Being unemployed or grinding doesn’t mean you have no chance of growing. Understanding how to create a good cover letter can help you get a new job.

Try to mention honestly why you stopped or dismissed from the previous job. If you make a mistake where you worked earlier, try to admit it. Your honesty may be able to provide added value to you.

But remember, while mentioning the reason you stopped or dismissed, you still need to give a reason why you are still entitled to thrive in a new workplace. Below is an example of cover letter as your reference.

Click here to see an example of cover letter as your reference

Got a reference? Here’s how to list them in a cover letter

If you get a reference from someone working in the company you’re applying for, you also need to list it. In general, you need to discuss the person in the opening paragraph to get the attention of the recruiter who already knows the referrer. Below is an example of a cover letter if you get a reference.

How email applications are sent

Once you know how to create a good cover letter, it’s important for you to know how to send your application via the correct email. If you see “Submit your cover letter and resume via email”, it does not mean that you can send the cover letter.

You still need to give more effort to be accepted in the company. That way, the company will certainly see you as a persistent employee candidate. Don’t forget to also give a clear and concise explanation of the position you’re applying for in the email body section.

Here is an example of how to send an application via email.

In applying for a job, in addition to work experience, how you send a letter or application email also has a separate assessment for the recruiter. Therefore, make sure you notice some things like the cover letter example above.

After learning a few examples of cover letter that can pull the HRD, you also need to avoid some mistakes in creating itFind out the error in creating a cover letter that you might do. 

Well, to make it easier for you to get a job without the hassle of putting up a cover letter, try to register yourself on the talent marketplace site. Simply sign up using a LinkedIn account, and fill in the data, the appropriate work will directly close you without the need to apply here and there.

Job search does not necessarily have to work hard!

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