How to quickly Refresh a computer with one Keyboard key The computer quickly is also indispensable. It aims to shorten the time that is too dense or too busy. Refresh Computer/Laptop is not the same as refresh HP/Handphone. Computers/laptops that use Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows can be made refreshed quickly.

Refresh the computer PC/Laptop is necessary so that the Laptop/PC is not lemot in running operating systems such as Windows or Linux. But often used most of users laptop/PC is a type of Windows operating system namely Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and the latest Windows version. Read more about how to make Windows 10 not Lemot.

But how to refresh our computer quickly? Well this may be a question for those who do not yet know. Fresh computer devices are actually very easy for us to do.

Sometimes there are still many people who have difficulty to refresh the laptop quickly. Fresh laptop/computer is not necessary to need special skills in the field of computer.

Even everyone can do the steps to overcome a laptop that is lelet with a short time. Especially for those who already know or get an information about speeding up computer loading.

In this article will try to help you who are having trouble refreshing the computer quickly.

Actually refresh your computer or laptop with just one keyboard button our computer can already refresh again.

The Lelet computer sometimes makes users feel annoyed to get upset. What was nearby even wanted to slam. 

Here's a button that becomes a powerful weapon to refresh our computer.


Just by pressing the F5 key repeatedly. Your computer will appear fresh again and lightweight

Thus article how to refresh the computer quickly using one keyboard key, hopefully can be useful.

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