How to easily open Google Chrome with Command Prompt in Windows 10

1 min read – actually running a computer/laptop can be done easily using a wide range of command prompt commands. But not everyone can do how to run a computer/laptop with Command Prompt in Windows 10 one of them how to open Google Chrome using command prompt.

Opening a Google Chrome Web browser with a command prompt can be done with a variety of varied commands. Like opening Chrome in Incognito mode or going directly to the website using the command promt. Here's how to do it. R

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n Chrome using Command Promptfirst,
open Command Prompt by typing "command" in the search bar of Windows 10 and then selecting "Command Prompt" from the search results.

In the Command Prompt, run the following command:

Start Chrome

Then Google Chrome will open. You can also do the same thing from the "Run" window.

Open Run by typing "Run" in the Windows 10 search bar and selecting the "Run" app.

After the Run app opens then type Chrome and then select the "OK" button.

Open Chrome as Administrato
ryou can also open Chrome as An admin. You should use RunAs at the command prompt to achieve the above mentioned. Run the following command in Command Prompt:

runas/user: Administrator "C: Program Files (x86) Google Chrome Application Chrome. exe"

You will then be prompted to enter your computer's admin password. Type the password and press the Enter key to continue.

You will now be running Chrome as an administrato

r. Open Chrome in Highsto op
en Chrome in incognito mode from Command Prompt, run the following command:

Start Chrome/incognito

To perform chrome in incognito mode of the Run program, enter this command instead:


Open websites in Chrome with Run command and Command P
romptif you want a quick way to open certain websites in Chrome from Command Prompt, you can do so by running the following command:

Start Chrome www. <websiteURL>. com</websiteURL>

For example, suppose you want to access in the Google Chrome command prompt, you will run this command:

Start Chrome

Alternatively, you can go to a specific website in Incognito mode by adding a command/incognito. Example:

Start Chrome/incognito

You can also command open Google Chrome by using Run application by typing the command as below:


Or, to open the site in Incognito mode, use:


Opening a website in Google Chrome with Incognito mode many have the benefits of such a cache and cookies are not stored in the browser. It makes it easy for you to maintain your privacy and not need to periodically clear your browser's cache an

d cookies. * Note: Opening browser incognito mode using the Incognito command via Run and Command Prompt is currently not valid.

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