How to easily Download videos on Twitter

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How to Download videos on Twitter 

A variety of reasons why you might want to download an existing Twitter video, probably because you like, want to re-share, or something. 

Downloading videos on Twitter can be done in two ways, namely using the app's help and can also be done without using the app's help.

Well, in this tutorial, Firgoos will share two ways of how to download videos on Twitter easily.

How to download videos on Twitter

Download videos on Twitter without apps/apk

The first way you can do it when you want to download videos on Twitter without using the app is with the help of SaveTweetVid.  You can use the online site to save/download videos on Twitter in various formats. How to use it is

quite easy, copy the URL of t

he video from Twitter you want to download (right click on the video then copy the URL)

if you use the Twitter app on your smartphone, go to its video, then click the Share icon, Trus Select "Spread tweets via"..  Then select "Copy to Clipboard"

after the video URL of Twitter you get. Please visit link savetweetvid above. E

nter the link of the video you copied then paste in the column that has been provided. Trus tap the Download box

. If your connection is not Lemot, there will be a video download view with varying resolutions and video sizes. Then please choose the resolution which you want to click Download Trus.

Well, easy to do. Happy to Try a

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