Description of Form Factor Motherboard

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Motherboard form Factor-this time the admin will share the article on the Motherboard Form Factor.

Okay we don't need to be convoluted directly to the core of the Motherboard Form Factor. Printed circuit boards are made of fiberglass. This circuit board will be equipped with sockets and a wide range of electronic parts, including different chip typ

es. The Chip is made from a very small circuit and a silicone box shaped. Silicon is the same material as the sand-like chemicals and structures. The Chip has a variable size, but most are sized like stamps. The Chip is also said to be a semiconductor or integrated circuit.

Individual cables and connectors that are soldered with hand are used in the old board system and have been replaced with aluminium or copper printed in the circuit board.

This increase significantly dramatically reduces the time it usually takes to assemble a PC, and also has reduced the cost of the plant to consumers. The pi

cture above shows the components of the ATX motherboard and how everything can be combined into one. The Motherboard is usually described from its constituent factor (form factor). The Form factor will describe the physical dimensions of a motherboard. Two types of form factors that are often used are motherboards Baby AT and AT

X motherboard. Most of the new systems use the form factor of ATX motherboards. The ATX Motherboard is actually similar to Baby AT except for the following enhancements:

  • The expansion slots are arranged parallel to the shorter part of the board, making for more places for other components.
  • CPU and RAM is located next to the power supply. This component consumes more power so it requires more cooling by the fan power supply.
  • I/O Integration ports and PS/2 mouse connectors are also included inside the motherboard.
  • Supports 3.3 volt operation of ATX power supply
The image below shows a general summary of the form factor of the motherboard currently in use.

Motherboard descriptions are usually based on the shape/type of the microprocessor interface, or the existing socket

s on the Namotherboard can be described as Socket 1, Slot 370 and so on. Slot 1 is the first generation of ATX. Single Socket 370 is the second generation of ATX.

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