Definition of Motherboard

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Computer installation Tutorial-The term Motherboard in the computer device is familiar in this era of modernism, especially among computer technicians. Well we just don't need a lot of words that shouldn't be said. So

metimes we will feel lazy if too many less useful words only spend time because the time is precious then use our time with the good to reach the science. Okay here we will discuss the notion of motherboards. Moth

erboard is the central nerve (brain) in the computer syste

m. Motherboards can also be described as dual processors or single processors. The image below shows the motherboard with a single processor

The need in processing speed is increasing. Single processors can not always meet these needs, especially in corporate network environments. Motherboards with dual processors are usually installed for higher-level network operating systems Such as Win
dows 2000. M

otherboard is also known as a board system or main Board (main board). All things in the system connected in the computer, controlled or controlled by the motherboard to communicate with other devices

in the system. The board system is the greatest printed circuit board. Each system will have one. The regular board system is the site of the following components:

  • Cpu
  • Circuit Controller
  • Bus/Adapter
  • Ram
  • Expansion slots for additional boards
  • The port for external devices
  • Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS, pronounced C Moss)
  • Read Only Memory (ROM) Other
  • BIOS Chip
  • Support chip that has a varied function.
If the computer uses a desktop case, the system board will be located at the base of the computer case. If the computer uses a case tower, the board system will usually be located on one side vertically. All components connected to the system unit will be connected directly in the board system.

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