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How to easily troubleshoot Internet connection problems and find out why Internet connection problems can make you feel stressed. Instead of refresh the computer and desperately trying to reload your favorite website when you run into problems. It is also necessary to know the cause of Internet connection proble

ms. Solve Internet connection problems but do not want to know the cause of Internet connection problems it just does not resolve the problem. Why? Because when the other day occurs the problem of Internet connection, you will find it difficult. Thus knowing the cause of Internet connection problems is indispensable as a basic cap

ital. Here are some ways you can troubleshoot and identify the cause. Make sure y

ou check your physical connection before engaging with troubleshooting. It could be a router or power cord modem or Ethernet cable from detachable from the socket due to accidental accident, so it can be the cause of Internet connection problems.

Check the Ping command via Command Promp
tif you're experiencing connection problems, the first thing you need to try is to use the Ping command. It is necessary to know the location of the problem that the Internet connection is experiencing. Open a Command Prompt window from your Start menu and run a command such as ping or ping

m. The ping command will send some packets to the address you specify. The web Server responds to each packet it receives. In the command below, we can see that everything works fine – there is a 0% missing package and the time it takes each package is quite low.

If you see a packet loss (in other words, if the Web server is not responding to one or more packages that you send), this may indicate a network problem. If a Web server sometimes takes longer to respond to some of your other packages, it also occurs because of network problems. Network problems may occur on the website itself (it is not possible if the same problem occurs on some websites), with your Internet service provider, or on your network (for example, problems with your

router). Note that some websites never respond to pings. For example, ping will not result in any response.

Problems with a website Terteni
f you when accessing the website encountered a problem and ping seems to function properly, the possibility of one (or more) Web site is having problems

. To check the health of the Web whether a website is functioning properly or not. You can use Down For Everyone or Just For Me at ( to check your website's health online. Down F

or Everyone or Just For Me will try to connect to the website and determine whether the website in question is completely down or not. If this tool says the website cannot be used for everyone, then there is a problematic website.

If this tool says the website is just for you, it means there are some problems on your computer. There may be a problem between your computer and the path required to get to a website server on the network

. You can use the traceroute command (for example, tracert to track the required route packets to get to the website address and see if there are any problems along the way. However, if there is a problem, you can not do more just wait from their maintenance. Mode

m Problem & Routeri
f You are experiencing problems with various websites, they may be caused by your Modem or router. A Modem is a device that is used as a liaison with your Internet service provider, while the router shares connections between all computers and other networked devices in your household. In some cases, the modem and router may be the same device. Lo

ok at the router in the picture below. If the green light flashes, it means normal and indicates the network traffic. If you see the orange light stabilized, flashing, it usually happens a problem. The same goes for modem-flashing orange lights usually also indicate a problem.

If the light indicates that both devices are experiencing problems, try to unplug and reinstall them. Just like restarting your computer. You

may also want to try this even if the lights are flashing normally-we have encountered an unstable router that sometimes needs to be reset, such as a Wind

ows computer. Remember that it may take a few minutes to wait for your modem to reconnect to your Internet

service provider. If you're still having trouble, you may need to reset your router or upgrade its firmware To test whether the problem is on your router or not, you can plug your computer's Ethernet cable directly into your modem. If the connection is now functioning properly, it is obvious that the problem is

a Router with one compute
r If you are only experiencing network problems on one computer on your network, there may be a software problem with that computer. The problem can be caused by viruses or some kind of malware or problems with a particular browser. Pe

rform an antivirus scan on your computer and try installing another browser and access that website in another browser. Sometimes there are many other software issues that could be the cause, including a misconfigured firewall. Dnsse

rver issue When Y
ou try to access, your computer contacts its DNS servers and asks for the IP address. The default DNS servers that your network uses are provided by your Internet service provider, and they sometimes have problem

s. You can try to access the website at its IP address directly, which bypasses the DNS server. For example, enter this address into your Web browser's address bar to visit Google directly:

If the IP address method works but you still can't access, this is an issue with your DNS server. Instead of waiting for your Internet service provider to fix the issue, you can try using a third-party DNS server such as OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.


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