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How to easily create problems in Google Forms

Creating a problem in Google Forms the middle of the Covid-19 viral pandemic, many schools have been learning to teach. The students were canceled and given instruction to study at home.
Although learning at home, learning activities are still implemented with the online system. Well, Buak you teachers who are confused about how to do the assessment of learning results during this holiday, here are the tips.

Conducting student assessments can be done with an online exam. If you are not proficient in making PHP, then Google form is one option because it makes Google form very easy and simple as described in the previous article The complete guide to creating Google Forms. How do I create one? Let's see the following tutorial.
Create a question in Goo
gle Formsto get started the first step you need to do is sign in to your Google Drive account, click New, navigate to more, and select Google Forms. You can also start from the Google Forms webpage, clicking the Create Free Form link.

Actually the process of making surveys in google form is quite simple. If you've used Google docs before, you'll feel like home. By default, Google Forms can be used to create simple survey questions with a single question, and you can enter a title for the form, question, and answer options

. You can make a question as much as possible with the Add Item button. You can also ask the user to select a single item from the list, check as many items as you want, or type a response into the small text box, type the paragraph into the larg

er text box. The Add Item button also allows you to add additional formatting elements, so you can split your survey into sections, divide them into multiple pages, or add images and videos.

Although Google form looks very simple, but Google form has the advantage and you can do many things with this Google form feature. As follows,-y
ou can send a survey taker to a different question page depending on how they answer the question.-You can
randomize the sequence of question
s.-Google Apps users can automatically collect the email addresses of respondents
in their domain.-You can customize your confirmation page and choose to show people who have answered the summary quiz of the answers that others

have given. And, just like other Google docs files, you can invite people to work on surveys together in real time.

Preview of Google Formssurvey que
stions To preview A Google form survey, click the "View Direct Forms" button at the top of the document. The form is hosted on Google's website, just like the shared Googel Documents file, but is interactive. You can't hide the prominent "don't send a password through Google forms" warning, which is there to ensure that phishers can't create fake login dialogs that convince and deceive people into sending their Google passwords.

If you want to modify the look of Google forms standard white-plain so as not to look bland and boring, you can click the Change Theme button and select a theme. Click the View live Forms button again after previewing the appearance.

Sharing a Google Formssurvey prob
lem If The survey has already been finished and is declared complete, you can easily share it with others. Just click the Submit Form button in the top right corner of the page and you'll g

et the URL. This URL address is a public address. Anyone who visits it can fill out your form. You can email these links to different people, share them on social media, send them via SMS or instant message, post them on websites like blogs, or wordpres.

View Responses to Google Formsif
You only need to see a quick summary of your overall response, you can click See > feedback summary when editing the form to see a simple summary of your feedback-pie charts, bar graphs, lists, and anything else that fits. This is good enough for most people who make a simple survey.

You can also show your response to a spreadsheet, which lets you do more with the data. While editing the form, click Response > Select the response objective. You can create a new spreadsheet or a new sheet in an existing spreadsheet file. When someone sends you a new response through your form, the data will be inserted directly into the spreadsheet. When you link a form to a spreadsheet, any responses sent earlier will be sent directly to that spreadsheet, so you don't have to worry about losing your d

ata. Spreadsheets can serve as a simple list of the responses you receive. You can also use all spreadsheet manipulation tools and data analysis to work with data.


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