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Computer Input Device

Computer input devices (input devices or device inputs) are devices that are used to insert data and provide commands on the computer to be used on a more advanced pr
ocess. Some of the input devices are: A. Ke

yboard Ke

yboard is the most important input unit in a data processing with a computer. The Keyboard can function to enter letters, numbers, special characters as well as media for the user (user) to perform other commands as needed, such as saving the file and opening the

file. The creation of a computer keyboard derived from a typewriter model created and patented by Christopher Latham in 1868, and in 1887 was produced and marketed by Remington. The Keyb

oard used now is a type of QWERTY, in 1973, this keyboard was unveiled as the standard keyboard ISO (International standard Organization). The number of keys on this keyboard amounts to 104 keys. T

he Keyboard now we know has several types of ports, namely serial ports, PS2, USB and wireless.

Types of keyboards:


The keyboard that is usually used is a QWERTY keyboa
rd, which is similar in shape to the typewrite

r. The QWERTY Keyboard has four parts:
1. Typewriter Key
2. Numeric Key
3. function Key
4. Special function key.

B. Mo

useMouse is one of input device. The function of this tool is to move the pointer or cursor quickly. In addition, it can be as a practical and quick command compared to the keyboard.

The Mouse is used to the maximum since the operating system has been based on the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Electrical signals as input device mouse is generated by small balls in the mouse, according to the shifting or movement. Most of

the mouse consists of three buttons, generally only the two buttons used are the left button and the right button. Currently the mouse is equipped with a scroll button, where the buttons are located in the middl

e. The term left button presses is called by Click (Click) where this emphasis will work when the mouse is on the designated object, but if it is not on the object designated this emphasis will

be ignored. In addition, there is also another term called drag that is pressing the left mouse button without releasing it by sliding. This will cause the object to be moved or copied to another object and other possibili

ties. The left mouse button presses twice quickly and regularly called double click while pressing the right mouse button once called the right click (right click). Mouse consists of several ports such as Serial mouse, PS/2 mouse, USB and wireless.

C. Touchpa

d this input Unit can usually be found on a laptop or notebook, that is by using the touch of a finger.

Usually this unit can be used as a replacement mouse. In addition the touchpad is a model of insert units that are similar to pointing stick and trackball.

D. Light Pe

n Light pens are electronic pointers used for modification and designing images with screen (monitor). The li

ght pen has a sensor that can transmit a light signal to a computer that is then recorded, where the monitor screen works by recording six electronic signals every line per second.

E. Joy Stick and Games P

addlethis Tool is commonly used in computer games. Joy Stick is usually shaped stick, while games paddle usually box or square made of plastic equipped with buttons that will regulate the motion of an object in the computer.

F. Bar

code is included in input device. The function of this tool is to read a grid-shaped code or vertical thick stripes that are then translated in the form of numbers. These co

des are usually attached to food products, beverages, electronic devices, books and others. Currently, every cashier in the supermarket or supermarkets in Indonesia to identify the products sold using barcodes.

G. Scann

erScanner is a tool that can function to copy or copy an image or text that is then saved to your computer's memory. From the next computer memory, stored in the hard drive or floppy disk.

The function of this scanner is similar to a photocopier, the difference is that the copy machine can be seen on paper while the result scanner can be displayed through the monitor first so we can make repairs or modifications and then can be saved back both in the form of text files and image files. In addition

to the scanner for images there is also a scan that is commonly used to detect computer answer sheets. Scanners commonly used to scan computer answer sheets are the usual IR SCANS used for LJK (computer answer sheet) on the general replay and national exam. This type o

f Scan consists of a sensor lamp called optics, which can recognize the 2B type of pencil. Scanners circulating on the market are scanners to copy images or photos and are usually also equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) facility to copy or copy objects in text form. Currentl

y it has developed a scanner with DMR technology (Digital Mark Reader), with a work system similar to such a scanner engine for correction of computer answers sheets, biodata and forms like forms for school se

lection. With DMR the answer sheet should not be answered using the 2B pencil, but it can use other stationery such as pens and markers and can use plain paper.

H. Camera Digitalte

chnology Development has been so sophisticated that the computer is capable of receiving input from the camera. This camera is named with a Digital camera with better image quality and better than how to copy images using a scanner. The sharpness of the

image from this digital camera is determined by its pixels. The ease and practicality of this tool is very helpful to many activities and jobs. Digital cameras do not require a film as normal cameras. I

mages captured with a digital camera are stored into the camera's memory in the form of a file, and can then be moved or transferred to the computer. Digital cameras circulating in the market today are all kinds of types, from camera types to taking static images to cameras that can capture live or moving images as well as video.

I. This in

put Microphonunit serves to record or insert the sound that will be stored in the computer's memory or to listen to the sound.

J. Graphics Pad
s the Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology can make the design of buildings, houses, car engines, and aircraft by using Graphics Pa

ds. Graphics pads This is an input input for drawing objects on the monitor. The Graphics pads used have two types. First, use a stylus that is connected to the pad or by using a low voltage bearing, which is in the cushion there is a touch sensitive membrane surface. The lo

w voltage transmitted is then translated into the X – Y coordinate. Second, using touch sensitive pads without using needles. The way it works is to put the image paper on the bearing, then it is writeable with a pencil.



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