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4 easy ways to Hide Ip Address

There are many reasons for the purpose of why someone is doing or hiding their IP address. Either because of the sweetness, or t

he other thing. By hiding our Ip Address, it is one of the efforts to safeguard our data. Because many people can do various kinds of things with our IP address. One of them is an annoying not obvious advertisement. Surely you have found not clear ads that appear when you are connected to the Internet, when you have not opened a Web browser like Chrome and

Firefox. Second is to access websites that implement Geolocation. Because there are several websites that block some countries. This block is caused by a variety of reasons. So to be able to access these websites, we need another country IP that does not go into the list of blocked w

ebsites. When is to access the slime blocked by Kominfo hehehe. By changing the IP address you can freely access a wide range of sites blocked by the Cominfo.

The excitement of mucus can cause mental disorders

If yesterday review how to check the IP address of the website, then this time we will try to hide the IP address. Let's see the explanation

Hide Ip Address with VPN

Hiding IP address with a VPN is the best option. By using the VPN service, you will receive a new IP from your VPN service provider when you are connectivity to the Internet. So that all activities that you do in cyberspace will use the Ip address of the VPN provider, while your Ip address provided by your ISP will be covered or hidden

. Many VPN service providers are both free and paid. Please choose which one you li

ke. The easiest way to use a VPN is to use the extension from both Chrome and Mozilla Web browsers. Please select which can actually hide your Ip Address.

How to Setting a VPN in Windows 7

If you intend to use a VPN to secure your privacy when connected to the Internet, the best step is to hide the IP address using a VP

N. Well, for Citizens + 62, most of them want a free alias Gretongan. Don't worry, here will be provided as well as the tutorial. However, this first tutorial for you citizens + 62 is anti Gr

etongan. How? See the following explanation

. The first step you have to do of course has VPN access. Where is the package? Yes buy lah Cu

y,, many Kok cheap VPN service providers, one of them in was fitting for this article ane try to search tuh, nemu avg VPN, calculated quite cheap about 10ribu a month. If others please find your own yak, o

kay until here we think you already have VPN access. Next is the Internet connection settings from your laptop or PC masing2. Here I use Windows OS 7.

First step, click Start, the leftmost ball image. Then click Control Pane

l. Step into two clicks Network and Internet as shown below

Step three, click Network and Sharing Center like the image below

Step 4, click Set up a new connection or network as shown below

Step 5, click Connect to Workplace as in the image below then click Next

 Step 6, select No, creat a new connection then click Next

Step 7, select Use my Internet connection (VPN)

Step 8, enter the Ip Address given by where you subscribed to the VPN then fill the destination name as you wish. Don't forget to tick don't connect now, then click Next.

Step 9, enter the username and password according to the username and password provided by the VPN service provider you are using. Then, click Create

Step 10, to connect to the VPN you have created earlier, click Network Connection just like when we want to connect to WiFi. Then select the connection with the name you have created earlier. If everything is correct, then you will be connected to the VPN you have ordere

d. And most importantly, your data will be safe when connected to the Internet. (Unless the VPN service provider you ordered is in the Alay Lebay bin Abal-abal category). So it is advisable to have a really professional VPN service. READ: Ho

w to screen shot on a laptop

How to free Hide Ip Address with Chrome Add-ons tau Mozilla

If the above is a paid way, this time let's try a free way. Of course Citizen + 62 Seneng

Doong Heheif you want to use Hide IP address free, many Kok, please just want to use in Web broswser which. But this time I will try to use it in Mozilla Firefox. Fi

rst you have to do is download additional add-ons on Mozilla Firefox. To do th

is, click on the Open menu located in the upper right-hand bar below the Close button. Then select the add-ons as I circled in the image below.

Next, type browsec in the search field of Mozilla addons that are on the right. More details see the following image

Then select Browsec VPN. There are a lot of similar addons that you can use. But I personally prefer to browsec VPN because of its simple use.

After you select, then click the Add to Firefox button as in the following image

Wait a few moments. When the notification appears click the Add button.

Taraa, now you are free to surf open sites blocked by the Cominfo.

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To use it quite easily kok, please follow the tutorial provided by Browsec after you have finished installing the extension.

Oh Yes, this extension is a form of application Loh, so you can install it on your Andr

oid phone. More or less like that as how to hide IP address of your device. Hopefully it can be useful.


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