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3 Easy ways to check IP Address PC, Laptop, HP and Modem easiest

IP Address is the identification address when you connect the device to the Internet. This IP Address is a string of numbers. IP Address of each device varies. In

its application, there are two types of IP Address that is static IP address that is fixed or not changing and dynamic IP address that is variable. Dynamic IP Address will always change every time we connect to the network. In ad

dition to the identity of devices that access the network, IP Addres also serves to identify the scale of the network used, as large as what the network can be seen from the allocation of IP addresses available. Another function of IP address is to track the existence of such devices as well as traces of Internet users. To get more explanation about function IP address you can read function IP

address. To be able to use IP address as above, you must first know the IP address of the device. In this article, dosenIT will display several ways you can get the IP address of connected devices on the network, either smartphone or Laptop or PC.

1. How to check IP Address Smartph

oneSmartphone also has IP address because the smartphone is also connected to the Internet network. There are three ways you can check the IP address of your smartphone, which is as follows: Through Websiteif your smartphone has a connection with the Internet, you can open several sites that can inform your smartphone IP address using the browser application installed on your smarthone. According to personal authors, this wa
y is the easiest way to do it. This can be used on smartphones with the Android, iOS, or Windows optical system. There are quite a lot of sites that provide this service, among
others: – A simple display, only displays the IP address of your s
martphone – Displays the IP address, browser used, host name and Country (country). – Displays quite a lot of information such as IP address, browser used, proxy, connection type, ISP, city and country, until the device is used.

    Through Wifi Menu on your Smartphone

, this Event is quite complicated, in order to do so you first need to connect with Wifi. You can use WiFi public or personal wifi. Once you are connected to WiFi, open the WiFi menu, tap on the WiFi connected with your device (note: The author uses Android smartphone 6.0) Then there will appear some captions including IP Address your device as well as the gateway.

    Using the third party applica

tion This Event is also quite easy to do you just need to install the app from the Play store. There are several applications that you can use to check the IP address of your smartphone, one of the applications MyIP. This application that only measures 16.51 KB will display the IP address of your current smartphone, as well as the hostname and connection type.

2. How to check IP Address computer (Laptop or

PC) just like on a smartphone, if your Laptop or PC is connected to the Internet network or local network, then your computer will have a specific IP address as the device identification address. There are three ways that you can check the IP address of your computer, which is as follo

ws: through Command Pro

mptto Check the IP address of your computer using the first command prompt you must instead command promt in advance. How, click on Start > Click Run in the Search field or you can also select shortcut Win + R on the keyboard. After the Run window appears, type cmd in the column that is available to display the Command Prompt wind

ow. In the Command prompt window, type ipconfig after that press ENTER. In a matter of seconds, a command prompt will display your computer's IP Configuration. Besides displaying IP address, some information such as default gateway and others will also be displayed.

    Through Control Panel

Click on the Start > Control panels > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center after that select the connection profile you are using (active). Right-click on the connection profile, select the Status option. A window will appear that contains your computer's IP configuration, including IP addres. You can click Details to get more complete information such as a subnet mask, default gateway, or DNS (BCA also: DNS function, DNS sense).

    Through Website

to check the IP address through the website, your computer must be connected To the Internet connection. There are several sites that you can open to get information about the IP address of your Laptop or PC, among others: Once you open the site using a browser on your computer, the main page of the site will directly present your IP address laptop/PC as well as various other information such as ISP, service, City, et al

. Other sites that provide IP address checking service for your computer are Select the My IP menu tab that you can find at the top of the site page. After that the site page will display the IP address of your current laptop/PC, ISP, Netspeed, Proxy, Operating system, City and country, up to time zone.
3. How to check IP Adre

ss Modemif you want to make further configuration on the modem or router, you must first know the modem IP address. To find out, you can take the following steps: Click Start > Co

ntrol Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Network Select t
he modem connection profile you use right-cl
ick on the connection profile, then select the Status option.
    A window that contains your computer's IP configuration will appear, click Details to obtain a more comp
lete information see Gateway address, it is the IP address of your

modem. You can change the IP address of the modem Address you use if you wish. To do so you must sign in to the Admin panel modem. How to type the IP Address of the modem that you have already known in the browser Address bar and press ENTER. You will find the login window, usually Usaername and default password is the admin.

After you have successfully logged in, you can enter the Interface Setup > LAN menu and replace the IP Adress listed with the IP Address you want. After that save your changes. Note, before you do this, you have to change your computer's IP address to default first, otherwise you will not normally be able to enter the admin panel of the modem. To know more clearly how to change the IP addresbe default, you can read how to change the dynamic IP address to static.

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Thus 3 ways to check IP Adress that you can do, either to check the IP Address on your Smartphone, PC or Laptop or also IP Address modem that you use. You can check through the website, other applications, through the Smartphone settings menu, or through the command prompt and Control panel on the computer.


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